Heading into the holidays and not feeling much excitement about single situation?

its already November 9th and starting to realise I'm going to be single once again during the holidays , which is pretty normal for me I guess but starting to feel rather hopeless. in terms of there being any realistic options around that I could actually date. or myself having enough initiative to actually get out there and find someone to date I was interested in.
I'm just feeling rather hopeless and not excited about my prospects at current time? any suggstions is this normal? what is a way forward?


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  • Don't be so pressured to be in a relationship over the holidays. I get it, being single on the holidays does suck, but you will get through it. Although I am in a new relationship, last year I had to deal w/the memories of meeting my ex during those holidays that previous year. That was a painful time for me, but I lived through it. Embrace the holidays w/out thinking about being single, do things for yourself, family and friends.


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  • join a holiday meetup

  • Maybe spend the holidays with your family? Because this is what I do & I've been single for 20 years and counting


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