Girls, What do these kinds of guys say to you?

I have two friends who i just can't let see me with an attractive girl. I don't know what they do or say to the girls but after a few minutes of chatting with her she says goodnight to me and leaves with him. Only to hear him narrate to me how hot she looked sucking him off. I've cut down and matched all their pros and still stand on top, physically better looking, bigger dick (I've checked), bigger paycheck, matching confidence i just don't get it!!! I just wanna know from your past experiences with this kinda guy, what does he do or say to get that immediate effect out of you? Thanks


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  • How are you so certain that you're better looking than them?
    Maybe they have a certain way with words.


What Guys Said 2

  • Sounds like you need actual friends, not two cockblocking fucktards.

  • That's all sweet and nice. However there is one big difference. You are watching while they're approaching. They've been doing it for quite a while.

    • I wish that was true, been approaching since i was 12, hundreds of girls down the road, a 5 minute conversation just does not guarantee you take her home 100% of the time. I fuck, but not like these guys, i'm talking 7 girls in one night from totally different clubs no rebangs.