An I being annoying texting too much?

I have been texting this girl in my high school non-stop every night and day we text. But I feel like I an being annoying, how can I see if she likes talking to me too? Should I just not text her one day and see if she texts me first?


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  • I know that if I'm answering a guys text and keeping the conversation going for days I am into him. Also, if he always texts me first and then stops all of a sudden I know I wouldn't text him first because I would either think he's busy or maybe he got bored with me plus its always great when the guy texts first haha. If you guys text so much try going for the "I'm tired of texting, call me?" That way you can hear if she actually likes talking to you and its more fun!


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  • I would say to not text her for one day. If she doesn't text you first I wouldn't think she doesn't want to talk to you but she might just think you are busy since you always text first. So don't text for one day and text her the next unless she text you before then

  • as long as she is responding to you and/or initating texting you sometimes then you are ok. Man what happen to actually calling people instead of impersonal texts.


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  • how did you get that annoying vibe. If she likes talking to you then she responds and sometimes initiates texts promptly?