Should I tell him I'm scared?

There's this guy I really like and he likes me back but it frightens me that I like him so much. I really feel dependent and I can't control my feelings. Actually never felt like this before and it feels uneasy.

Don't like to talk about my feelings at all and I'd rather run away than to talk about them. I just feel like running away from this all but at the same time I can't move. It doesn't make sense at all haha.

Don't know if I should tell him and how..


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  • Maybe try to talk about it with him.. If he cares about you, he'll understand and you two might find a "solution".

    Don't rush into something you'll feel scared/insecure about or at least try and talk to the guy about it.

    It might seem pretty scary but it could solve a part of your problem.. :)


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What Guys Said 2

  • It's scary but take a risk it's the only way or this situation will happen time and time again and if you run away you will keep running away from happiness gust me do something about it

  • So basically, you're telling me you have a crush. Everyone feels this way every once in a while. You could either run from your feelings back to your comfort zone, but watch the person you like walk away, or deal with those feelings and dive feel into the unknown. The choice is yours.


What Girls Said 1

  • I would try to take it slow but don't run away you might regret it, unless it shows up he isn't the one for you