I'm convinced she'll say no but how do I ask my female friend out on a date?

  • Do it when you see her in a group next. Find time when you're alone and ask
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  • Ask her to meet up with you then ask
    33% (3)0% (0)27% (3)Vote
  • Don't ask her out. Tell her you like her as more than a friend
    0% (0)50% (1)9% (1)Vote
  • Ask her out by text
    11% (1)0% (0)9% (1)Vote
  • Tell her you like her by text
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  • Ask her indirectly - what would you say if I asked you out on a date
    45% (4)0% (0)36% (4)Vote
  • Other
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  • However you pick to do it make sure it's face to face or at the very least a phone call.


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