Are we dating? Or is she just using me?

My ex girlfriend and I broke up in August, but we sarted to talk again in early October after no contact. Since then, we've met up in person several times, usually just to talk snd let each other know how we've been. She broked up with me because she said she was depressed, and didn't love me. However, after seeing me again, she's been mu h better through the aid of therapy. Also, she called me late at night last week to tell me that she loved me back. I had been telling her of my feelings since talking to her again.

Despite this supposed mutual love, we still have not gotten back together. Instead, we have a supposed "dating" setup, until she feels more comfortsble around me again. However, she is totally against any physical contact. She even told me of her desire to avoid kissing, touching, and even HOLDING HANDS! That is just ridiculous tbh. Now, im starting to think that she has something keeping her from doing anythibg intimate with me. She says she wants to go slow, but aurely a dating couple should be at the very least sharing casual touch like hand holding. What are your thoughts on this?

Do you think I am being unreasonable, and should wait for her to be comfortable? Or is she not being affectionate enough to the dude she claims to be dating?


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  • I don't know if this helps, but I used to be like her with my ex. But of course, it is a different scenario. I think you should wait for her to be comfortable, if it takes too much time, try to speak about it. My best friend also has the same situation with a girl he's been dating with and he spoke about it and succeeded.


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  • Tbh, it sounds like she has major issues if she's acting this way and she's in therapy. I don't think that she's using you though