Do you guys/girls look at their exes social media, even if you already have a new boyfriend/girlfriend?

by ex I don't mean like some person that you were with for a short amount of time. I mean someone who you use to be super close with and you guys loved each other so much


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  • Yes. I am ashamed of it, but I find comfort in allowing myself to move on seeing that they, too, are moving on.

    • are there other reasons to why u do it? or is it just to see if they moved on

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    • thanks for your opinion. also your probably doing better than he is :)

    • 💯 I know I am.


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  • yes we do. all the time

    • why though? if you have a boyfriend or not

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    • is it okay if I ask... do u still have feelings for them? or nah

    • at first yeah, but later on its just out of boredom

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  • Yeah i check out my ex wifes every few weeks make sure she looks healthy, doesn't have anyhing posted about money troubles, guy troubles life events etc. We aren't together anymore but she won't ever go without as long as i can help.

    Occasionally i look at a few of the exes. Curious whats they are up to.