Someone help... please. For the love of god, AM I friendzoned or not?

I've been talking with this girl for about two weeks now. The first night she came over to my dorm and we planned on watching Netflix and hang out but we rather ended up talking on the couch for about eight hours then ended up sleeping in the same bed together. (I know first night, I offered to take the couch) we went to the zoo the next day and then when we got back to my place we sat on the couch and talked for about four more hours. Then she had to get home to her parents, since weekend we've been snap chatting the entire week back and forth and so on. But I can't figure out is if I'm friendzoned or not. I get different signs for example we FaceTime every single night sometimes twice a day, but she make some remarks like "I'm checking myself out because I don't have a boyfriend to check me out" but then she turns around the next day and sent me a message like " Hey Boo 😍 " and blows kisses when we get off FaceTime. Dm with add q's, but someone please help.

Well, I don't know what happened, but now she's not even talking to me. I don't even know what to do anymore.


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  • I don't think you are friend zoned but if yu don't get off your duff you might get yourself friend zoned.

    She said " im checking myself out..." might be more of an invitation to you than a declaration of friendship. So, grow a pair of balls :) and go ask her on a date.


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  • wow. OK bud what you going to do is... ask her out. if you get a yes. then your not friend zoned. if its a no. then back to the zone for you


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  • Dude just ask her out and you'll know.

    • Update: You're probably being ghosted on. She'll go back to you if she's bored enough and can't get enough attention elsewhere.

    • Great. I just don't understand how Point A went to Point B I guess.

  • Personally, i think she is flirting with you and just trying to be funny. I know it because i did i the same things for a guy that i've fallen for.


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