What does he want from me? Does he still like me?

So this shy guy and I liked each other but nothing really happened between us (cause I'm shy as well) and we parted ways on a not so good note.. with a misunderstanding of sorts and have had no contact since 5 months... we met each other 2 days ago at a college event and me and my friends noticed that he was following me around (he would suddenly appear wherever I would go) and kept staring at me from a distance but as soon as he came in close proximity to me, would ignore me completey.. later I noticed that he was deliberately hanging around alone where I was standing and chatting with my friends... also before leaving he stared at me quite intensely and blatantly so much so that even my friends noticed... I really didn't understand his behaviour that day.. what does this all mean? Does he want me to do something? And what does he want exactly?


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What Guys Said 1

  • He was doing everything he could to get your attention and all you did was look at him like a cretin with your thumb up your ass


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  • It sounds like he could liked you but didn't know exactly the words to say and couldn't think of anything to do at the time. Then he felt insecure and thought you didn't like him back and must've realized that he probably came off as desperate so he just played it cool and tried taking away the attention to prevent public humiliation a d embarrassment.