I got accepted to a top tier American medical school, but my high school sweetheart still refuses to get back with me bcz she's with an older man?

I'm 22, and recently got accepted to a top tier medical school. I want to succeed in life because I want to be able to provide for my future wife and kids. A wife who I always imagined would be my high school girlfriend, except she (20) now would rather date an older man (36) and I suspect it's because of his money; he's a successful dentist in the field of cosmetic dentistry. What do I do now?


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  • Dude, go to medical school. Don't wait up for her.


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  • Oh forget about her and go on to medical school. Don't let someone like that slow you down. She is 20 and dating a 36 year old? She has issues... Go on and study hard and meet new people and concentrate on your career. Medical school is hard enough. It will take all your time. You need a woman who won't be in your way if you are even going to date at all.


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  • Go to school, graduate, become a dr and find a wife you'll be happy with, leaving this girl as a distant memory?


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  • You move on because she is shallow.