Breaking no contact after a month?

Girlfriend and I broke up a month ago, haven't spoken to each other since. What happened was she essentially had a cry for help that I didn't answer. She was being needy and essentially broke up with me on accident (At least that's how I interpreted it). Said she doesn't know how she feels about how things are going, then abruptly says she thinks we should end it. Mind you, this was 4 hours after everything was fine and we were laughing about memes she was sending me. Pretty sure it had to do with me going out with my friends and not inviting her that night. I am 95% sure she expected me to put up a fight which of course now I regret not doing.

Anyways, I want to meet up and grab a drink just to discuss what happened. I guess you could say it's for closure, but I am also open to getting back together. We live in the same town, have some of the same friends, and I am good friends with her brother. It's not like by us having no contact she is gone from my life, so I think clearing the air is legitimate. I care about her, and I don't want it to end like this where we just don't talk and it becomes an awkward thing.

Am I an idiot? Am I naive to think we can just be friends? I don't want her to be gone from my life simply because we happened to date and break up.


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  • Sounds reasonable to me to try to wrap things up since you guys are going to be running into each other anyway.

  • Definitely do it, hang out with her and let things go back to at least a decent acquaintance, or else it will become permanent awkward.

    • I'm just trying to figure out what to say when I text her without it being weird. I kind of want to mention that I am not doing it to try and convince her to get back together with me, do you think that's necessary/wise?

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    • So do I text her to grab a drink or no? Like I said, pretty sure she never intended to end our relationship

    • Yeah I totally would! Anything nice and chill, and not super personal like asking her to come over haha.

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  • you should have immediately gone on tinder and forgotten her forever.. now you're needy