Advice on how to transition from fuck buddy to possible relationship?

Met this girl that I've been pretty interested in. We've hooked up twice now since I moved to university here. It's pretty rare for me to look at any girl as relationship material but I really like this one. I think I'm pretty decent at flirting and sex, but when it comes that transition on my end, I'm pretty fucking terrible and that's self admitted.

Most girls are turned off by me in a matter of time because I don't really filter myself when I talk to a girl. I talk to guys the same way I'll talk to a girl. I have a pretty crude sense of humor and most girls get turned off or triggered by something in matter of time. Either that or I come across as aloof so girls take that as I'm an ass.

To pretty much cliffnote it.. I'm used to just playing the game to get girls interested in me so I can get sex. I don't want her to think I'm only trying to fuck her. I'm not about to do some sappy shit either, because that's not me.


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  • Romantic stuff can be the #1 solution but i know you won't do it so just hang out with her at night go see a movie together , have a drink (not at a bar in no way) or go for a walk
    Also movie at home would be awesome but dont fuck her after the movie lol. That is what would make me think he is not playing games. It takes some time tho. Patience


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  • You have to start inviting her to hangout outside of the bedroom. You have to show her that you are having fun with her even without sex. Maybe go see a movie or go to a mall or a cafe. Daytime activities.

    You could also invite her to your place and cook a nice dinner for her and afterwards cuddle while watching TV. But don't make the same mistake I did lol if you're going to cook for her, do it only on rare occasions cause otherwise she's gonna expect you to cook all the time.

    • You think going to the shooting range would be too much? Said she would said she hasn't shot before.. says she'd be scared to but "I've always wanted to try". Movies sounds boring AF. The mall sounds boring as well baha. Rather do something fun. My roomate has goes back home on the weekends a lot and has ATVs/Dirtbikes. Lives 3 hours away though. My college is a small town. Not much to do other than party.

    • Shooting range is perfect. She told you that she would love to try it and its somethings you love doing so two birds with one stone haha. I only suggested movies because I am that type of guy but you should be your own type of guy and come up with your own fun activities. Everything is good as long as it shows her that you're not only about sex.


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  • Good good man
    I am sure you can manage just fine, ask her out next time and pay for her
    What do you usually do with her anw?
    I mean you just meet up in a location to have sex or do you actually go out

  • Start hanging out with her more and do cute couple stuff.

  • wow never imagined you saying that

  • Is she interested in being in a relationship at all with anyone? Prolly gotta start there.


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  • You cannot. Once you have sex you destroy most, if not all hope of establishing a life long foundation. Your best bet is to stop having sex, and think about it rationally, because you CANNOT think clearly when you are engaging in sexual behavior, because that is what sex is designed to do, to bond you in a deeply spiritual way to your life mate.

    If, in celibacy, she sticks around, then there is hope. But continuing to dilute yourself with sex is only going to make your foundation even shakier. Eventually it will collapse.