Did I sleep with a guy too early?

Hi guys I've meet a guy off match and he took me out last week for drinks and stuff and we has a realy good night and I went home however this week he invited me up to his home and we ended up sleeping together I asked if it was a one night thing and he said no we would meet again and he would take me for a meal I don't know if he is Genuine or not I feel like he is jus unsure and panicking that I have messed it up please help

He has been in touch jus reali slow with texts xx


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  • huh well the general rule of thumb is you dont take the girls home to fuck unless your ok with them coming back over again.. like i always get a hotel or even better i make them get a hotel lol...


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  • If he was serious about you, he will keep being serious about you. If he was not, he won't call you and he wouldn't call you in the first place if he realized that you wouldn't been sleeping with him.


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  • Yeah if you meet anyone off online apps/sites and you want a legit relationship, don't bone right away. Online shit is terrible for relationships because everyone just wants to fuck.

  • Well you can't know until he contacts you again. But I wouldn't hold up hope.


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