How to ask if a guy is married without seeming obvious that you are interested?

There is this man at work that seems to have a crush on me and I am crushing on him, too. He is very shy but comes over to my desk to talk to me and we Skype from time to time. I know for a fact he was married not too long ago. But he is not wearing a ring and someone at work told me she had heard he was divorced. These two things don't convince me though and I just want to know what I am dealing with here: a flirty married guy or a shy just divorced man. I'm not about being a mistress so if he is married, that's done with. But I really like him so I want to find out. How do I do this casually?


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  • How about you stop letting your pride and wanting to have advantage in dating get the better of you. Your past your prime right now and you still want to play these mind games.

    Just be a big girl and go up to him and say "Hey are you married?".

    • actually the prime of a female stops at 31 or early 30. so she has time before she starts degrading in that manner. unless she smokes; and or does drugs then its too late lol

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    • @randomprofile yeah I don't smoke or drink. Actually people are always surprised i'm 26 :) but, I'm still 26 lol

    • thats awsome that you dont smoke or drink it will definitely help u in the long run. even after 30!

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  • That's so easy, make some homemade cookies, offer him some and ask him on Skype if his wife liked it. Nothing easier than that.


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  • Would running a background check on him tell you?


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  • just ask him