Ex deleted me on snapchat after a month of full NC?

Broken up for a few months, full no contact for a month now. Things didn't end badly between us at all. It was more of distance and stupidity got in the way and things just trailed off, no one ever said "hey I don't care for you anymore" or "hey I don't wan to do this anymore". The moment we broke up I stopped looking at his snapchat, he on the other hand kept looking at mine. Eventually he stopped but then looked one day and that was the same day he contacted me and we talked. He went back to not looking at my snapchat. 10 days after he contacted me I reached out to him but he completely ignored me. The very next day I blocked his phone calls and texts. This was a month ago.

Now, just Tuesday I saw that he posted something so we were clearly still friends (didn't open and look at it though). I posted stuff about the election on Wednesday and I went out this weekend which I snapped about and posted a selfie today. I went to go add a new friend with his same name and that's when I realized he deleted me.

I obviously still care about him and thought I was getting along well during this breakup/NC but this just set me back a bit :/

Just hurts to know he either just doesn't care and or wants me out of his life for good...


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  • It sucks. But give him time to miss you. Trust me on this.


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  • It sounds like he is trying to move on. Being friends with you on fb was just to much of a temptation and was preventing him from moving forward.

    Give him time and space. Maybe one day the two of you can explore friendship, but for that to work both parties need to move on completely. If attempted to soon it will just hurt both parties.

    Personally I try to keep NC for at least three months straight. After 6-9 months I can consider attempting friendliness and approach friendship around a year.


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  • You should reciprocate going no contact.
    Despite your thinking that things were going well post breakup and then not being in touch at all for a month, he obviously didn't feel the same seeing as how he deleted you as a friend.

    • Sorry a little confused here lol. I have been going no contact (blocked his texts and phone calls, avoiding social his social media). I was actually fine as I was going out, meeting new people, etc., this just threw me off because I've never had this happen before lol. Plus, his roommate requesting not too long after I was deleted confused me as well.

      When you say, "He obviously didn't feel the same"-he was having a hard time or something? not going well for him?

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    • I don't knw. I doubt it was coincidence. Either way a roommate adds the ex when he knows they're no longer together? That's extremely odd and fishy.

      You don't add the girl to your social media AFTER the breakup. That's done while dating/courting. Again, something's up with that.

    • Thanks. Hmm I don't know. I really don't post that often. A few times a week and plus he never really uses snapchat (most people post everyday/multiple times a day) so I can't see why he was thinking I was spamming his newsfeed.

  • He is immature. I'm sorry to tell you that. He was also nosey and wanted to see what you're doing. My ex added me a month later after breaking up on Snapchat. He then kept messaging me because I knew that he either deep down inside regretted it and/or is just lonely.

  • You should move on and you'll meet the better one

  • It doesn't sound like you have very realistic, appropriate, healthy expectations for what's supposed to happen after two people break up. So I hate to be blunt because I can sense your disappointment and pained feelings, but I must be honest with you for your own good. He deleted you from Snapchat because he wants to move forward with his life without your presence holding him back. He's beginning to recognize that the formula for moving on involves your absence so he's taking the necessary steps. It's time for you to do the same, love.

    • I do have a realistic and appropriate expectation-hence me blocking him, not contacting, and not looking at his social media. What I am not understanding is if I stopped looking at his stuff months ago while he on the other hand kept looking, but eventually stopping then what's the harm on keeping each other on there, especially if we didn't end on bad terms? It's like sheesh we didn't hate each other so why be so extreme to remove someone from something that we both hardly use?

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    • @jebrook The asker requested your opinion; I didn't. It would have been warmly welcomed had you not been so rude and showed up with such negative vibes.

      I don't need you to confirm my ability to logically reason. Let me ask you this, why are you continually trying to insult and undermine me any chance you get? Did a guy also block you from social media and are you lashing out at me and being aggressive towards me for seeing nothing wrong with deleting and/or blocking an ex?

    • @jebrook Why do you continue to open your mouth on my post where you weren't invited if all you do is spread negativity, be antagonistic, and say rude things without actually contributing any truly helpful advice?

  • Mine did the same thing ! Probably because your snap stories made him jealous

    • Even though he hadn't been looking at them? My friend said the same thing essentially. She said just seeing me appear on his timeline triggered something and he just didnt' want to see it.

      I don't know... I figured he thought, we haven't been talking so there's no need to keep her as a friend anymore...

    • I feel like it was just hard for him to look at your name and not talk to you. This could just be a coping method, so he can get over it.