Don't know how to take this?

Basically just met a guy when we were abroad, we're both now back home but it's about 4hour train journey between us. He invited me over to his but because I have children it's difficult and he works weekends, so can't get down to mine until after Christmas. I text him Friday night saying I was wishing he could come over for cuddles. He replied "shouldn't live so far away then". Is he just rubbish with wording his text or does that sound like he's a bit angry? I'm not sure if I'm being over sensitive so I haven't replied


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  • He's angry

    • I wonder why though? I'll text and ask him. Just didn't know if I was taking it the wrong way. Thanks for responding

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  • I think you're being over-sensitive. It didn't sound angry to me.

    • Oh no! I took the other persons comment on board. So text him asking if he was angry because I couldn't get up to see him. Also, said I thought he should be making a bit more effort too and to stop sulking !!! No reply... whoops 😬