What does seeing each other mean?

So I've been out with this guy 6 times on dates (seen him 12 times if we include the dance class that we met at). Met 6 weeks ago and have spoken every single day since. He hasn't tried to kiss me yet but always touching my arm/leg/shoulder and lots of long tight hugs.

Couple of days ago I asked what I was to him (just friend or more). He said he has a massive aversion to labels and feels it's too soon to have this conversation. He said "we just keep seeing each other and what happens happens".

what exactly does 'seeing each other' actually mean? Assuming it's not quite boyfriend & girlfriend?


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  • It's dating to get to know each other better

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      Is there a difference between 'seeing each other' and 'dating'? And at what point can I start referring to him as my boyfriend?

      Sorry, I'm kinda new to this dating stuff!

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      There isn't any difference. I wouldn't worry about labels. Usually after awhile the discussion of being exclusive comes up and once both become exclusive is when the bf/gf label is added even if you never ask each other to be their bf/gf

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  • It either means dating and/or fucking/hooking up with no intention of being serious.