What do I do, I don't want to loose him I'm so lost somebody please help?

Currently skyping my boyfriend and my friend who is his ex. But he keeps talking only to her and showing her things on (sharing screens on skype) plus he will say he's going to bed and when i wakeup the next day it says he was on a few hours ago i wake up very early so it sometimes makes me feel like he doesn't want me... and he talks about sex a lot... it terrifies me that is all he wants from me.. because of certain reasons... i asked him why he loves me ( i have major anxiety and depression so i worry constantly) he told me he doesn't know... any advice for any of this?


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  • If you are under 18, then the advice is to ignore this fellow entirely. Don't date anyone until you are over 18 and certainly don't have sex with someone until then.

    Yes, he is manipulating you. Guys do that to foolish young girls.

    Concentrate on bettering yourself for now. Get better grades, get a part time job, plan your future career.

  • He still loves her i think but can't say for sure with the info but would you Skype with his ex at the same time as him. Ok i get it she's your friend but still his ex. Do you guys Skype like this often or is this something new? I don't know it's all a little weird the situation. I think you're being played though.


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  • It's already a lost cause. Break up with him.