Should I continue pursuing her, or step away?

I had a crush on this girl since February. Over the summer I went through basic training and we did exchange letters over the course of 10 weeks. When I got back, I hung out with her a couple times and we had a lot of fun. I told her that I liked her and wanted to take things to the next level. Her response was, "I would date you, but because of school, I get stressed out." I backed off for a bit, but then started to hangout with her again. I took her to a Halloween event (Haunted Trails), and throughout the night we held hands. I got very confused by this.. She also wanted to celebrate my birthday with just us, which got me really thinking again.. Am I thinking way too much? Should I ask again?


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  • You should step away.


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  • Definitely a tricky situation. The holding hands thing is obviously a good sign and celebrating your birthday with just you and her. See what happens in your birthday. I don't think you're overthinking.