We had sex and NOW he wants to go slow. What does this mean?

We've been seeing each other for over a month and we slept together about a week ago after a meal out. The morning after, we went for coffee and he mentioned that he "wants to take his time with me and get to know me."

So this left me confused: what does this mean? Does he regret sleeping with me?
I didn't feel like it was too soon. I've stayed over at his a few more times where we slept together again, and we've been out on dates.

Anyway, a little context; he came out of a very LTR earlier this year in Feb and hasn't been with any other girl except me so I understand the need to go at a steady pace. So yeah, does he see potential? Is he just being cautious?


What Guys Said 1

  • 1) he is using you for sex
    2) he is scared about how fast he is falling for you not that you are intimate.


What Girls Said 2

  • He could be trying to see how much you want him, but it sounds manipulative to me.

  • I think it means he didn't know you very much and that he doesn't know if he wants a full relationship. Sex before marriage is not helpful and if you stay with him he might expect it more and if he isn't in a relationship mindset already, then you would be the one giving up what you are worth. I would tell him you think you both moved to fast to maybe, and that you don't want to be physical if you aren't going to be together