If a guy texted you to hang out, would you really forget?

I have a hard time believing if a person you're interested in asks you to hang out, you'll just forget.

I texted a girl to hang out and she told me her friend might have a party that day, but she'll let me know. She never did. The day and time I wanted her to hang out came and pass and I still hadn't heard from her. Is she just blowing me off?


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  • She definitely could have forgot but if she actually did forget that means she finds you forgettable. Aka, not sexually interested in you. You could potentially change that by having a personality she's attracted to.. so if you've just met and she doesn't know you yet. But if she already knows you then I would say move on. Or she could just be a busy girl, maybe she had a big test or was busy with her friends. Still, if she's forgetting you that means you're not on her mind so chances are she's not very interested.

    • That's pretty much what I figured. I think I made my move too late, but to tell you the truth I was trying to get practice dating because I'm very inexperienced.

      I don't see the point in changing my personality just for her, so I think I'll just have to forget her.


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  • i really have a bad memory, but if a guy I'm interested in invited me to hang out, that's something I won't forget :P

    she's not really into you and maybe she doesn't know how to tell you directly not to waste your time on her... it depends on a girl's personality. there are girls who are like this. or there are girls who are just being mean and likes the idea that someone's always after them.

    in my case, a guy asked me out and I said I really can't and I already told him I like another guy but still he insisted to give him at least a little time. so I just told him I will try and let him know when I'm free...and I never called him.. but he still kept on asking... so this is one case wherein I already told him the truth but still won't get it. :P

    • Yeah, that's what I thought.

      Why don't you give that guy a chance? Maybe an hour or two or an evening and see what happens. Because you never know if you don't give it a shot.

    • There are reasons. like he's an ex-bf of a friend and I know my friend still likes her. other reasons, he's a good friend and I know he's not my type. not that I didn't want to give it a try but I know myself and I don't want people to expect something on me which I can't give. so I can be friends with them but I just can't let them waste time on me and in the end they'll put the blame on me that they wasted time. it happened to me before hehe..so I'm just being honest to them I think

  • sorry to say but I think she is. =(. if you want to hang out with someone you don't just forget that. especially girls.

  • sometimes girls do blow off guys maybe because they are scared to be around the boy for the first time. Have you and her ever hanged out before you inviting her to come hang out with you?

  • thats pretty much girl language for, I really have no interest in you

    if a girl really like you or had any kind of interest in you. she wouldn't "forget"

    it would always be on her mind

    :( I'm sorry.

    • :( It's alright, I just wish I hadn't been waiting all that time for her response.

    • Awww dude I'm sorry I feel bad for you and I don't even know you

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  • I get stuff like this from one girl. I used to have a crush on her, but she was very disrespectful and somewhat forgetful. Always like "hey I will call you later to hang" or "I am going to a party later, I will tell you later" and never calls. Why bother telling me in the first place?

    Except in your case, it seems more like she doesn't want anything to do with you. She is being disrespectful, so just f*** it man. Move on, you are not going anywhere with this. If she doesn't call you when she says, then that is being disrespectful, no?

    So ignore her and when SHE talks to you, make fake plans with her and blow her off. You will feel a lot better and this usually gets the girl wanting something (if she is at all interested in you). In the meantime when you are blowing her off, go with another girl you just met. Easy solution, you win both times.

    Also, ignoring is an art-form. Ignore too much and it's pretty much over. Ignore just the right amount, and it is very provocative. Of course, if you aren't like this and don't have a humorous and egotistic personality, I would suggest you don't do it :D But, I am just saying, it helps.


  • If a person is actually interested in you, and you sent them a message to hang out, they would not forget about it. I guess it could be possible, but I seriously doubt it.