Is this shy guy into me?

Things that I think are signs:
Eye contact, always looks in my direction when i'm not looking (or when he thinks i'm not looking), always smiles really big at me, always asks how I am or says hi when passing by, whenever we talk he remembers things i've said from a while ago, asks personal questions, tells details about his life, leans in when talking to me, tells flirtatious jokes, gets nervous around me, blushes A LOT, goes out of his way to smile at me, helps me whenever i ask for help, and a couple of times when i'm with my friends and he passes by he only smiles/looks at me and asks how i'm doing so my friends think he likes me...

Signs I think he might not be into me:
Blew me off when I asked him for a ride to the gym we usually go to at the same time. He said his friends wanted to study during his break between classes so he couldn't drive me at that time and said sorry!!! Legit maybe, but still a blow off.
Hasn't asked me out, asked if i'm single (I haven't asked him either), asked for my number, and generally I find that i'm the one approaching him. Lastly I suggested we should hang out some time because id like to get to know him more and he said he would too and would let me know. He never got back but he still continues to go out of his way to smile at me or wave to me...


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What Guys Said 2

  • I think he likes you a lot, when he blew you it sounded like the truth. he's definitely scared to aproch you or ask intimate questions, so I would ask him for his number.

  • Maybe. Those not into you signs are very normal for shy guys. So consider those false alarms.


What Girls Said 1

  • Interesting question, I have those 'good signs' from my crush too, but the not asking me out or messaging me makes me think he's not interested too.

    He is shy and I'm not sure what to do with him.