How can I ask this guy I have been talking to for a week if he wants to hang out at my house this weekend?

I want him to come over and watch a movie. What is a good way to ask, well start the conversation?


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  • Jou can just ask him in the middle of the conversation, he'l forget that anyway. Just say something like: hey I have nothing to do this weekend, wanna come over to my place and watch a movie? Just do it. If he likes you (positive signs blabla) he'l say yes anyway. No matter how you ask it.

  • If you have been talking to him for a week he obviously likes you so the next time you do talk ask him if he can come over & help you with something you normally couldn't do yourself. A good example which was used on me is ask him if he can help put your air conditioner in the window or something similar, you can think of something. If he agrees then you can ask him seeing as he is already coming over.


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