Dating with a British classy guy? Is he playing?

Ok so recently, I've been seeing a guy who is from England and 7 years older than me. We both were on tinder and he asked me to hangout 2 weeks ago. We had dinner for the first time, he paid for everything and had a great time. After the dinner, he texted me to see if I got home safely and asked me for dinner again. So we met up, had some drinks and he paid for everything again. We never stop talking, laughing and it's really fun to spend time with him. He texted me again to ask me to tell him when I get home with this "x" letter at the end of the sentence. During the dinner, he mentioned me we're dating. But the question is whether he's just playing or no. I'm still a university student and he does financial at Swiss company which means he's an "adult". He always looks me into the eyes, treats me nicely, asks me many things about me. However, he doesn't text me that much (I wish I could believe he's just being busy), he only asks me for dinner and he even tried to bring me to his place after 2nd dinner which I didn't let him (it was pretty weird cause he's Muslim, I thought they were not supposed to have sex before the marriage?). I'm not saying I want to marry him or something. I mean it's pretty obvious that he's not that into me but I just wanna know what you guys think what does he have in his mind.
sorry for the way long description, I'm just being damaged and confused.

21d That's true... he even smokes, drinks and eats everything. He seems like he's been showing me his another side which I couldn't see on facebook. He sent me a friend request but I accidentally deleted it so I apologized him at dinner but he has never sent me again since then.


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  • Just a quick comment about the Muslim thing - Christians aren't supposed to have sex before marriage and they do it all the time, so I don't think that's really going to stop him. Anyway, it seems like he's into you! I would keep seeing him and see where it goes

  • He seems like a nice guy so I wouldn't rule him out.
    I'm aware of LOTS of Muslim guts that have sex before marriage, just like christians.