Does this girl like me?

She's always kicking me, in my personal space, teasing and flirting, eye contact and playing with her hair, she also likes to rub my leg with her foot that feels mad seductive lol.

She has a boyfriend that lives in another city and state


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What Girls Said 2

  • She defiantly likes your attention and I think she is curious about you. When I do that with guys it's because I'm crushing on them and I like to have them around. I usually am like that with really funny guys because they make me laugh. Why would i like being around someone whose quite and boring?
    So she's defiantly catching a little bit of feelings for you. I've done this a milliionnnnn times

    • The thing is that I'm not the one showering her with attention; I do show her some but she's the one who is always initiating the flirting, in public too! We work at the same job, and it's starting to show as all the other women there are giving jealous looks. I don't know

    • Do u like it/her?

    • Lol of course I like her, not interested in dating (because technically she's a cheater), but I do like her enough to wanna know what's up.

  • She might just be bored and wants some action since of course her boyfriend is not there lol


What Guys Said 1

  • Kick her back and get in per personal space...