Did I creep him out? Should I just give up on him?

I met a guy at the gym that i became attracted to. However, as I am really shy, I was too scared to talk to him. With the help of my (older) wing man, we started to say hi to each other occasionally. However, he works out with his friends and I would notice them glaring at me when I said hi to him (maybe he has a gf" I dont know). He would alternate between saying hi and ignoring me, so I decided to give him some space, since it seemed like I made him uncomfortable. He would only say hi when he was by himself. I left him alone for a while and thought that would be it. But soon after, he started saying hi again, which surprised me. Recently, we introduced ourselves and got some advice from him. A group of my friends and I are planning to do the spartan race, something he has done before. He gave me and my wing man a lot of good advice. After about a week, I found him on fb. Turns out, we have 3 mutual friends, one of whom I'm really close to. I decided to send him a friend request last week, but it's still pending. I think I creeped him out again. I haven't seen him at the gym since. What should I do now" I don't want to keep making him uncomfortable. Maybe I should just leave him alone from now on"


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah, definitely back off here. The thing is, guys usually really, really like women who take the initiative. I mean, is there a more attractive trait than if the woman finds you attractive? I think not! The fact that he hasn't reacted well to this should tell you right away that your advances are not welcome.

    But you're young, you can take your lumps. Move on and find a guy who's worth your time and energy as this guy is not.


What Girls Said 1

  • Possibly yes. But creeped him out sounds wrong. I think it's more of a lack of romantic connection from his side that caused this. In all honesty, he didn't sound really interested from the start. I think you may be more into him than he is into you. But you know, you tried and that is all that counts :) Don't be hard on yourself or beat yourself up about it :)