Am I a bad person for laughing?

So I met this one guy on tinder and I ask him what job he has and he tells me he's unemployed. Then I'm like whoa red light but I say don't worry you'll find a job soon.
I then ask him what degree he has and he said he has his degree in feminist studies and art history and I start lmao. Like no joke I start dying. Am I a bad person?

  • You're an ass
  • Nah you're right
  • Don't ever date anyone
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  • Degree in feminist studies and art history? Sounds as useful as my basket-weaving 101 course I took back in college. Lmao.

    You're not a bad person. I would've legit LOL too :p

    • Do you know how much wanna them longaberger baskets go for man? They are expensive! Put your skills to use 😛

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  • Well... kind of awkward... but hey - you were't wrong. What IS he going to do with those?

    • Nothing lmao that's why I started laughing haha. 😂😂😂

    • Well... yeah, I get where you're coming from. What's more surprising is he thought he could get a job with that... Maybe he's rich so he doesn't have to worry about money... But any normal person would not throw their money away on something that's not going to be of any use to them later in life. People have to make themselves independent and self-sufficient as much as possible.


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  • Probably made this up but I'd laugh too lol

  • No wonder he's unemployed... I'd kinda stay away.


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  • Okay, you were being very rude to him. So what if he's unemployed? He will have to find a job eventually. And if that is his major he is studying and he likes it, so be it. I'm sorry, if somebody did that to me I would have dropped them.

    • Life isn't about doing what you like...

    • @Asker

      One can do so with the right plan, references, experience's and connections. If he can get an internship using the right skill sets and classes needed for such jobs, he can get in. The problem with so many graduates is that they go by what other people are doing and fail to get a job within that same field because they did not prepare ahead of time, doing proper job hunting.

  • "D" Did he laugh along with you to keep the atmosphere amicable?
    Look it up, cupcake. There is really this femmie course and also art history.