Do you normally feel a "spark" when dating?

You know that you instantly feel a connection.

Because I haven't dated a lot and I've been out with this guy twice. And there's no logical reason not to like him. He's handsome, he's nice, polite, we don't run out of things to talk about... But I'm just not feeling "it". We I think of him I feel nothing really.
And actually I have dated a good bit, I've just never gone any further, because I felt the same way about all of my dates. Which makes we wonder if that's just the way it is, if it's normal?


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  • It varies. Some I don't feel a spark with at all, some I'm interested in pursuing but not sure how I feel, then there's some where I feel the spark and connection right away.

    Having said that, feeling the spark and connection right away, can do more harm than good depending on the situation.

    For example, a girl that I had the most in common with and was most attracted to physically out of all the women I've dated, and I've dated a lot, got me attached early on and it ended up being a disaster as I was just a rebound to her and she did some fucked up shit in the end. The aftermath left a devastating effect.


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  • No guy has moved you, or seemed any different than what you are used to, hasn't wowed you. Its a feelin you get when you just know that this is the guy bc he is like no other and your not feeling it with these guys. You can have a great convo and click but no real spark like to where you are really enjoying your time with that person. Thats nornal in dating bc the point is to finally meet that guy that can grab your attention and who is just so fun and is like no other guy. He would make you feel all warm inside


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  • yeah he can be hot & a total catch, you're mind keeps telling you that but your heart just isn't feeling it

  • YES. It should feel like you constantly want to see and talk to the person, you want to share stuff that happens with them and so on. You just haven't found the one yet. Completely normal. But it shouldn't feel that way if you really connect with someone.