Too slow when making a move?

So there's this girl at my new job that I believe like me. When I look at her she always look away and is always making an excuse to be in my aisle (supermarket). It's been a month and a bit and I haven't said anything to her yet lol. I didn't really take much notice of her first but I'm now kind of seeing that she hot. Is it too late now? I've done this before with girls I've liked before and it was just because I was scared she would like me as I'm quite quiet and laid back. I'm not looking for anything too serious. Anyone got suggestions. Common sense tells me to say hi etc. thanks ps she's around 20-21 and I'm 18


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  • There is such a thing as being too slow, but just over a month is ok. Ask her out.


What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah you are too slow. Chad would have escalated that shit and fucked her within that week. Women are attracted to risk takers which is seen as a masculine trait, you taking forever probably got her board.

    Attraction dies with time brh.