I'm his girl but he says we're just friends?

So I've been talking to this guy for awhile. He wanted to date me but he said that it takes him awhile to trust someone. The other night I went to the mall with my 4 friends. One of the boys that went is friends with the guy I like. He knew I hung out with them and got mad. We're not in a relationship yet so I don't get why he is so mad. I wasn't flirting with and I don't like either of the guys that went, and I was with two other girls. Anyways, he hasn't really talked to me since and keeps telling me to go be with that guy. I told him I don't like this boy and he knows that guy isn't my type. He texted me today randomly and was like "I think we're better off being just friends, I don't have time for a relationship" I said okay & then a few minutes later his friend that I hungout with told me the guy I like showed up at his house and told his mom that her son was trying to steal "his girl" (meaning me) when he wasn't home. I am so confused. What does this mean? & what do I do?


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  • He is extremely jealous. That is a red flag right there sweety. You two are not dating and yet he got really mad when you hung out with the guys and his freind. I suggest that you stay away from that drama it is not worth it to get involved.

  • He's saying your his because he wants you. He told you he wants to be friends because he's butt hurt. If you like him seduce him. Make him want you. If you don't want him just let him be.


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  • How are you his girl if you're not in a relationship? I am confused.