Why do women flake commonly on dates?

I noticed that women cancel dates at the last minute or don't bother to show up. But, sometimes, they just avoid me. Why is that? If they don't want to go on the date, why not say no directly? Why create a false scenario?


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  • Why do men do this? That reason is probably the same reason why women would do it.


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  • It's more common for women to cancel dates because women use a filtering system for the attraction level on men in the meeting/beginning.
    Because of this women continuously eliminate men from liking them and it's FAST. Sometimes even as much as watching tv and seeing a taller guy and then suddenly thinking "This guy isn't that tall".

    Men do not have the same attraction brain function. Mens decisions on attraction is made on logic. Therefore they don't change their minds.
    Example: She has long hair and I really like that hair-DO. and 30yrs later he see a pic of his wife with that hairdo when she was younger and he things "Fuck, that hair is great!)


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  • Women? You've been on dates with all of us? Capable of so much...

    • Hey, you ARE a women, arn't you. Then you must have ditched him! why do you do that?

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