Should I keep the hopes up for a guy that said he won't screw me or date because he know he will hurt me?

Soi met this guy, amazing, kind, smart, outgoing, fun, our conversations last hours we can go on and on, we had out first date and it was theatre, we can spend time in silence and its just fine, sometime we even connect on things, I've avoided love for so long and he suddenly broke all f my walls. we went to dinner then dancing, we kissed, the next day he went to my job to pock me up, then took me to the theatre we kissed more and things got heated but we stopped, after that day he still tried to call me and get together, we finally found the time and we had a sweeter date, with no passional kissing or anything, we spent the whole day together and we just mainly connected amazingly after that we saw each other again and we talked, he said ever since he met me he was attracted sexually, and then when he got to now me, he realized i was more than that, and he found it very irresponsible to have sex with me because it would ruin what we are having, but also that he is going through a weird time in life and he can't to anything serious, eh can't make promises so we can't give it a try, but i swore i felt something but he just pushed me out, now he still want to see me, i sorta made him go to the theatre next week with me, and i can't stop thinking about him, i should probably just forget him, but he was just the right fit. (he's a we'll know theatre actor around here and his life is at the top) so please guys, tell me what to do.


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  • dont give up on him. you guys can definitely make it work! just be patient if you truly care enough.

    • But he sausage he knows it won't work but yet in all of the dates we've had it's been magical and he has shown that he cares. But now he just tries his best to not be close to me, and all I do is think of him I feel like I need to decide if I fight for it or let him go. You're a guy, what's your perspective of what he says

    • He says*** not sausage

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  • You shouldn't. He's going through a "weird" time in life, which means he doesn't do commitment. Abort mission.