Should I tell my girlfriend goodnight right now?

I asked her a question about her day. She saw it over an hour ago, didn't respond and I'm kinda pissed at her because of it. It's kind of passive aggressive and petty but I just want to send her a "goodnight." Snap to let her know I'm a little pissed off. Should I?


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  • Maybe she is busy. Give it another hour. If nothing, don't bother even messaging her, or replying til the next day.


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  • Maybe she was really busy and couldnt reply back soon enough. Give her some time to reply back. Dont be so quick to get upset

    • She had a day off today and doesn't have school tomorrow. She's definetly not busy tonight

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    • And I ALWAYS respond too... I'm one of those people who never shut up and my boyfriend probably cherishes the day I run out of credit.
      Doesn't mean I don't sometimes go a few hours of not replying. Sometimes our phones mark a message as read when we ourselves haven't actually read it etc. Why not just message again saying hi. If she doesn't reply, then ignore her and let her message.

    • @bbch25 Thanks! I know I'm over reacting but and it's probably nothing but I'm just stressing out

  • No...

  • Tell her you have a punani while you're at it.


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