How do you wear a girl down without being annoying or seeming desparate?

She says she's not really looking for someone to date right now, and I told her she was very pretty and wouldn't have a hard time finding a guy when she did want to go out. She said "Aww! You're so sweet!" I want to try and be persistent but at the same time not come off as annoying or desparate. How do I do that?


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  • I think you should give up on her. She doesn't want you.


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  • Just keep complimenting her and sweet talking her. Even if she doesn't believe you, she'll like the way it sounds and there's a high probability that eventually she'll go out with you. The only thing going against you is your age. At your age, you two have unlimited options and she's probably too young to have been burned by guys so it's easier for her to discount your advances as she looks for a better offer.