Decoding male Behavior. Why do you think he unfriended me on Facebook but kept me on Instagram?

My boyfriend broke up with me a week ago. 30 minutes after he broke up with me on the phone, he deleted the profile picture that was once a picture of both of us and changed it to a photo of himself and he unfriended me. What's strange is that he kept me as a friend on Instagram and kept our photos there.

We have been talking about working on ourselves and trying to make it work again. Yesterday I got really drunk when I want to drink by myself and I texted him to come get me. When he called me a guy who I was drinking with that I just met picked up the phone and coordinate it with him. My ex was super upset because of the dangerous situation I put myself in and that the guy was trying to take advantage of me.

After work today my ex texting me and lecture me about the night before and made it known that he was very upset at me and it doesn't seem like I'm trying to make things work. 2 hours after that, he deleted the most recent photos of us on Instagram but left older photos and photos that did not look intimate on. This made me very suspicious why he did that. So I asked him to tell me the truth if there is no hope for us so that I won't continue to try if there is someone else. All I wanted was the truth. He just said he deleted the photos when he was upset earlier. But what I don't understand is why didn't he delete all of them them and unfriend me for Instagram or why hasn't he done that in the first place since he did it so quickly on Facebook.

Some additional facts include that he just recently started working at Facebook and they use their profile pics for all communication. He also started adding some random girls and co-workers on Instagram. Do you think that the change on Instagram and Facebook had something to do with that? Maybe to hide that we recently broke up or to make it seem like I'm just a friend on Instagram so he can cover his tracks with new girls?


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  • Probably because he was about to post or friend someone on FB and didn't want you to see or know about who/what it is.


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  • Probably because he doesn't care that much about instagram.


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  • Why did you guys break up?

    • I was going through some things the past 3 months that made me very emotional. I was soul searching and felt lost in my life and I took out a lot of anger on him and lashed out. He also wanted me to work on my insecurities and baggage because I always accused him of cheating or hiding things from me. He felt trapped and cornered and couldn't have alone time or time with his friends because I would get upset. He's finally said he loves me and wants to be with me but just can't put himself in a position to get hurt anymore and be my emotional punching bag. He did also say when I feel better about myself, when I work on myself, and can have a decent conversation without getting upset and be able to trust him, then give him a call.

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    • He seems like a nice guy. Just wish he didn't break up over the phone.

    • But yes, I agree.

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  • He loves you very much