I need to know if this is going anywhere?

I met this guy at the bar, we hit it off really good. Yeah, I slept with him the first night. Exchanged numbers, then saw each other again. We hung out at his place on our next encounter, then headed over to get something to eat. We talked about what we wanted, friends with benefits. Cept he's one of those, cuddling, kissing type that lets me sleep over. He did tell me that he did have one night stands with people and just tell them to leave. He likes that I cuddle and kiss him and stay over. He even kisses me before he goes to work. Anyways, when we were getting something to eat, his friends joined us. I met them, got along with them etc. we had sex about 3 times already. Same thing, we talk have a good time, play video games, watch movies. Have sex, sleep, hold each other, then he leaves for work and I'm able to stay at his house till I leave. I'm not complaining, sex is amazing, I like him a lot.
Just, I do want to be with him. Does it look like he wants to keep me around? I don't know. Or it's just a friends with benefits but I'm not going to be a prick and tell you to go the fuck home immediately after sex lol


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  • I think that one of the big rules of friends-with-benefits is to not assume that things are more than what was stated. Yeah, he's a nice guy but at this point, all you can assume is that this is friends with benefits. However, sometimes, friends with benefits evolves into something more but at your age, usually it does not because you're at a period in your life when everyone has nearly unlimited dating options. So since you like this guy's company, I say you keep going and see where it leads, but look out for yourself and try not to get too caught up because you're just going to set yourself up for disappointment.


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  • It sounds like there could be a slight possibility of a relationship but, honestly, I think he just wants all of the benefits of having a girlfriend, without the commitment. If he wanted a real relationship with you, he probably would've said told you by now.