Girls, what would you think if a guy told you that his ex would actually have very good things to say about him?

In a nutshell, my ex and I didn't have a bad break up, we broke up due to wanting what's best for each other. However, I'm still her friend and will even show up to watch her plays out of respect. She says that I'm basically the best guy she's dated and would be okay dating again if it ever came to that. Yes, she admits she misses me. So she has a lot of nice things to say about me, like that I'm caring and stuff like that.

But ladies, either in casual conversation or discussions when dating if a guy's ex were to come up, how would you react if the guy said his ex would actually have very nice things to say about him? Would you see that is a good thing or bad thing? Or maybe just weird? Would it make you trust him more or more likely to date him?


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  • i really wouldn't care what your ex has to say. If you volunteered the information to me, id think "he is much more attached to his ex than id like if he thinks it's appropriate to bring it up to me as a talking point"

    • That's why I would say it would only come up if asked about his ex in the first place. But yeah I see your point, I've been trying to distance myself from her slowly.


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  • I don't take ex's opinions into consideration. Sounds like you two aren't really done with each other. I'm friends with one ex but even we're not like you two.

  • I'll ask you after it but I'll trust what you are saying 100℅