How do I deal with the pain of loving someone that at the moment I can't be with?

So there's this girl tht I've been in love with since 8th grade, I loved her throughout high school and I still love her today. Heck there days what I can't stop thinking about her. I met up with her recently and I told her jo I feel and she knows tht I love her and she told me tht she's appreciates how I feel but she also told me tht she has a boyfriend.

How do I deal with this pain?


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  • Awww I can only imagine how you feel. Well you can hopefully wait around until oneday they will break up. But just think about thie, if she really liked you as much as you liked her. wouldn't she want to be with you and not this other guy? I wouldn't waste anymore of my time on someone like that.

  • You kinda just have to move on with life, and you may judge my answer my answer on my age and not my intellect but whatever. I believed I had a true love and admiration for somwone in the 7th grade and right now I see them in the hallways of my highschool and think about how foolish I was, not that this is your situation, but I had gotten advice that i'd get over it in due time and I did and funny enough I'm in that last stage process again (someone else this time) of doing my own thing with that person once in a while ( at this point rarely) becoming my focus. If you guys were meant to be then maybe you'll get to really show her your love but if not then there's other fish in the sea you have life ahead of you with 7 billion people to possibly share it with.☺


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