Im scared to fall in love?

is this normal? have you felt this way before? I had love a guy for more than 8 years but its so hard to be with him he is so far, shy and he kind of changed in a way I dont liked and it hurts me even if I think i still love him but i dont want a relationship with him. I have a new crush that im really into and im scared to fall in love again.


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  • Yes falling in love is a scary thing especially since you've been hurt before. But learn from that love lost, and try to move on to love another. Yes this new guy can also hurt you in the future, but if you don't let your self love again, then you're not being fair to your self and you're not being fair to him. Who knows, maybe this next guy might be your future husband, but if you don't take the chance you'll never find out.


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  • I feel the same way

    • yes and i feel like im the only one cus all my friends have had many relationship and look to have more.

    • I feel you, I tell people all the time that I don't want a relationship rn cause I'm afraid of falling for someone and then getting my heartbroken and no one seems to understand.

    • yes its hard.


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  • Yeah I felt this way before. And Im only speaking for myself. Id rather not go searching or looking for a guy anymore. Id rather him chase and pursue me. I spent years chasing men who only used and played me. Im not going through that again. Heartbreak is one of the worst pains to go through.

    • yes its an awful feeling especially when you truly live someone and you fall in love so hard.

  • I'm terrified as well.. I think your first heartbreak changes you in a lot of ways.

    • yes it does especially when you grow up and go through important times of your life being in love with that person.

    • I know exactly what you mean.