I love you vrs I'm in love with you?

For the past few weeks I've been trying to tell my boyfriend that I'm in love with him but am waiting for the right moment (if that makes sense) this is my first serious relationship. I was just wondering in your guys opinion is it better to say I'm in love with you or I love you? Which do you prefer?

  • I love you
    67% (6)100% (3)75% (9)Vote
  • I'm in love with you
    33% (3)0% (0)25% (3)Vote
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  • Well, this is a nice little split between the sexes we have here. lol


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  • I don't see a difference.

  • I love you is regular, like you would tell your mom that you love her. I'm in love with you is a whole lot deeper, and you would never tell your mom you're in love with her haha.. So, to begin with, I'd say I love you, and later on I'd say I'm in love.

    • 17d

      Well I told him and he didn't even acknowledge that I said it.

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    • 13d

      No he didn't, not to my face. He texted it to me later that night

    • 12d

      Maybe he was really surprised and didn't expect it when you said it? But then later he thought about it and told you

  • I feel like I would say "I love you" first and then later on I would say "I'm in love with you."