Girls, Why do these girls in this store always whisper to each other if I walk in?

For about a year or so I go into this store like once every two months. They all whisper when I walk in or smile. And I seen one outside of her work and she seemed nervous , then seen another who works in there she always seems nervous or at least recognises me. So I walked past and onewas putting new jewellery out in the window she seen me walk passed and I looked and she smiled to herself. 4 months later I see this other one whom works in there and she keeps Loki g at me. I don't know any of them andwhy they recognise me so much when 1000s people walk in everyday? What's the deal lol


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  • Maybe you look like a known criminal or something.

  • They are either making fun of you or they are checking you out.

    • Hmm confusing , they don't laugh it's just whispers and staring. So annoying c