I drunk text my crush how to stop the awkwardness?

So I like him so much but he has a girlfriend so I always try to hide my true feelings. He flirts with me sometimes and from what I know he has only been with his girlfriend for a month and they're already not happy with each other. Anyways I was sad one night and start drinking and text him confessing my feelings to him, complimenting his looks, asking him what he likes about his girlfriend that I don't possess, etc. It's so embarrassing now that I'm sober and reread this. He just replied "Huh?" I haven't respond yet. I'll have to see him at work soon and it's so embarrassing what do I do/text/say to him so that it won't be awkward next time we see each other?


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  • Lol you're gonna have to ride this one out

    • 1mo

      Should I just use this opportunity to tell him how I really feel? If so how?
      Or should I just lie and said I'm drunk it doesn't mean anything?

  • You should screenshot the messages and post them here.


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  • Just be honest with him about it and get it over with.

    for example "I'm sorry I was drunk when I sent that. can we just forget that happened?" And move on. hope this helps!