Does love only happen once?

I always had crushes growing up, I didn't think love was real until... I met her...

The Best Girl in this world :) She made me feel love, It was intense, it was real, it made me feel like on top of the world.

I was stupid... I thought she liked me, but my heartbroke when she rejected me.

It took me a year to get over her... I still have some feelings for her :(

I just feel like I will never fall in love again, I will never feel the same way again, I was so wrong, and I guess I'm never going open my heart up again, it's hard to trust? It's hard to find someone better than her too :(

Has anyone fallen in love a second time with someone else?

Or is it just settle for a good person even if you don't love them?


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  • It took me over a year to get over my first love. I still had some feelings and thought that I would never find anyone like him again when poof, my current boyfriend appeared and I fell crazy head over heels in love again.

    If anything, you're more prepared for love the next time it comes around. Cheer up :)

    • Thanks, you give me some hope :)

    • Your feelings are perfectly normal. Besides, we're humans. We're programmed to fall in love again. But if you close your heart you might end up walking right pass your future love without even noticing her. You gotta be wise in love, not bitter.

    • Okay :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • It can definitely happen more than once. You've just gotta put this girl completely behind you before you can move on.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Wanna know the truth?
    Love can happen anytime when you let it to happen.
    Love doesn't need someone special, it is kind of obsession you can develop to someone you feel veryyy close to.
    God I just stepped over today's limit of being romantic :O

    • Lol that happens on GAG, I actually quit but never did

  • I think love can happen more than once.


What Guys Said 3

  • For me, it only happened once. It's not that the first person was just so special or that I even still think about her (I definitely don't). It's that after the first time, I was too smart and too self-aware to ever let that happen again. Like, I could never be that caught up ever again, you know? That was a girl that I would have done everything for -- given up college, worked a menial job, whatever. After her, I was no longer capable of being that foolish, that consumed, or that blind.

    But I don't romanticize it as while it does sort of make me sad that I could never love someone so blindly, that undoubtedly was a dumber version of me.

  • We fall in love multiple times in our lives if we're lucky and have multiple soulmates but if you're scared you'll never find it more than once.

  • same bro I loved a girl but she rejected... and still even after 1 yr I had same feelings for her as it was before... not even a minute change..