She said she loves me? could this just mean as a friend?

Me and this girl at work have always been close, we laugh together, always talk and just love each others company. I was to late to ask her out and she has a boyfriend now, but she's leaving work and she said she will miss me so much!!! then she said she loves me! with 3 kissy hearts. Does this mean she really likes me more than just a friend? I can't do anything because she has a boyfriend but surely she wudnt say all that if she just seen me as a friend? please help


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  • She might've been trying to be flirty, but girls often use a lot of heart emojis! It's just a way of making text a little more meaningful. So she probably meant it in a friendly "best buddy" way! You guys seem pretty close, so she probably likes you a lot! She was probably trying to be really sweet and truly show that she's going to miss you! I mean, you ARE a great friend of hers! So of coarse she'd miss you! She could also mean it in a slightly flirty way, even if she has a boyfriend! It depends on her personality. If she dates relatively frequently and/or is kind of girly, then she most definitely meant it in a flirty way! If she's just really sweet and sincere in general, she just meant it to be really sweet and meaningful! I hope this was helpful :)


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  • it means that she loves you as a very close friend that you guys had a good relationship bond together and she's going to miss that type of connection at the workplace doesn't mean you can't hang out privately on your off time

  • Yes, she's in love with you (not as a friend).
    Apparently you make her happy. Maybe she's not that happy with her boyfriend.

  • you should ask her, because you need clarity


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