Can you meet girls via facebook?

If you can what's a smooth way to do it? I noticed girls don't seem to read their messages much anymore.


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  • If you message them and ask to meet up and they agree, you can

  • I agree with the other lady. I hate facebook, and have around 30 messages to not look forward to since the last time I was on there months ago haha. I'm not into that site personally, but anyway, a crush of mine messaged me there this New Years and I didn't see it until the summer. After he had messaged me once about how it was going and I didn't answer, he messaged me again a couple weeks later joking about how he was wondering if he could go back enough in time to get ahold of me lol. It was cute and when I finally did reply, we exchanged just a couple messages and he asked if I prefer texting (which obviously I do haha) so I gave him my #. Then through that he asked me if I wanted to go check out this restaurant he thought I'd love. And so we did that and we clicked.


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