Did I screw it up already?

I reconnected with an old fling from high school (I'm 31 now) a couple nights ago. I was pleasantly surprised to actually have some feelings for him after he left. He spent the night Saturday He texted me Sunday afternoon and I texted back.

I texted him today and made a joke. We texted back and forth for a minute. A few hours later I sent a text asking if he wanted to come over tonight. He didn't text back at all. Did I already mess it up by asking him to come over too soon?


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  • Perhaps. Many guys think that giving it away too soon is not a good sign of someone relationship material.

    • I'm newly divorced I have no idea what it's like out there anymore.

    • There's far wider ranging online options. That's for sure. I think that's because so many people are on their phones, have headphones on, that it's harder getting attention. Otherwise, it's just the same.