Do you think this guy is lame?

I met him on a dating site. He seemed really nice. Wanted to talk on the phone and not just text. Then we met in person for a couple of glasses of wine. That went well. We had a passionate kiss at the end of the night. He wanted to see me again very soon, but I had plans last Saturday so I suggested Friday. When he called me Friday, he asked me if I wanted to come over his house for a couple of drinks. Now, after I've been telling people how nice I thought he was, this was very embarrassing to me. So I said no we'll just meet somewhere and he was like why can't we just have a drink at my place and we went back and forth until he finally agreed. He wound up just getting us some Cappuccio and then we went for a walk. I wasn't very impressed. Then he suggested that maybe Saturday night we'd meet after and I was just like ok but if he calls I won't respond. I feel he's lame and because of his lameness, I don't owe him much of an explanation as to why I'm about to go ghost on him. If he can't date me properly, I don't even owe him that respect.


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  • So the coffee and the walk wasn't good enough?
    What do you expect him to whip out the champaigne and buy you dinner at 5 star restuarant?

    • Why in tf do you have to jump to a five star restaurant!!! Calm your tits!! All I said was that he can do batter than coffee and a cheap lay at his place!!

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    • So I was right 😏

    • He's a really nice guy. I just don't want to be seen as a booty call.

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  • Uh... yes, you should break up with him. But I'm happy he's getting out of this early. You have some issues to work on. Everything after "he called me friday" is pretty ridiculous. Finish this and find someone who "wants" to "measure up" to your "standards"

    • And what is so ridiculous about it?

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    • 1. "Why do you even care?"
      2. Every other comment on here is saying you're overreacting. Goodnight.

    • Ummmm no every other comment is NOT saying that. Stop trying to make yourself appear like your witty because you're so not.

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  • No, the only lame person here is you.

    • Not my problem you don't know how to take a girl on a proper date. Butthurt much that there are girls who still know their value?

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    • you are clearly mentally ill. im just gonna stop replying now

    • It's so funny that a mentally ill person like yourself accuses rational people of being mentally ill lol. Please do not reproduce. Oh but wait. That won't be a problem for you since you are absolutely repulsive to the opposite sex LMFAO!!

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  • I wouldn't say the guy is lame, I think the problem is that you're just not that interested in him. Just tell him that you don't feel any real connection and move on.

    • I'm. It interested in men who make it a point to be cheap and then ask me to come over their house.