When is he finally going to ask me out?

We've been talking online and today he asked me what I'm doing this weekend. I told him that Friday I'll be having dinner at a friends. Then I asked him what he's doing, figuring he'd either tell me what plans he has or he'd ask me out for Saturday. Instead he just said that he has no plans as of yet. What was the point of him asking me what I'm doing this weekend if he doesn't plan on asking me out? What happened to the part where he asks me, what are you doing Saturday?


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  • no one can really be sure it just depends on him, maybe he is scared or worried you might just have to give it time.


What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe he was expecting you to ask him out.

    • Well, he's the guy and If he really wants to date then he has to ask. I don't ask out men.