What is it like to be in a relationship where the girl is bigger than the guy?

Are there any guys and girls on GAG who used to date a partner who isn't a good match for them size wise? When a fat guy dates a skinny girl or a tall guy dates a short girl that's OK because the guy is still bigger than the girl, but when a skinny guy dates a fat girl or a short guy dates a tall girl people make fun of them because it's is generally thought the guy must be the taller, heavier and stronger one in the relationship. So what's it like when the sizes are reverted? Can the girl still feel feminine even though she is bigger than her guy? Can the guy still be manly even though he is not powerful enough to dominate the girl physically? And is sex any different when you are not at that size you are supposed to be for your gender?


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  • My sister is 5'11 and her ex was 5'6 they looked weird together. Some people used to refer to them as " little & large" both were slim though. Her new husband is 6'3 lol


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  • It's weird.