Male balding, what do about it?

Started to lose my hair at 19 years old. Sucks. It's just a bald spot on the top of my head that bothers the hell out of me. I'm mean, I'm not dr phill, I have hair but when I look in the mirror, pretty much why bother approaching women?

Did I'd shave my head but wasn't a good look. I even posted pics on here and was told it's a bad look by girls. So I'm growing it back.

Has anyone tried rogaine? Or any hair regrowth stuff? Heard Rogain just stops the balding process.


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  • My boyfriend is balding at a young age and it has never stopped him from being attractive to me. Just putting that out there.

    • Sounds like your guy had an awesome girlfriend. Wish more were like you.

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    • What region in the u. s are u in? Jus wondering.

      You don't know what I look like. I never get approached by girls. So... that says I'm ugky.

    • If you say so.

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  • In addition to Rogain/Minoxidil there are also pills like Propecia and DHT blocker shampoos that when used in conjunction with each other supposedly help in combating baldness. That being said, its definitely something you want to discuss with a doctor/dermatologist first.


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  • Go to a dermatologist they can help you. The most common cause for male baldness is DHT it can be stopped with products like rogiane. The hair will grow back as a result.

  • Grow a beard and shave your head. Then get a tan and build some muscle.